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Our Specialities

We do more than just move dirt. But we do move a lot of dirt.


Engineered Pads

Preparing a building pad for a new barn, shed, home or office is not to be taken lightly. We know how important it is that the building pad be properly leveled and graded, as it is not something that can be fixed once the construction is underway. We take great care in shifting dirt to the building site, performing a preliminary rough grading, checking for the correct density of the material, and then flattening and leveling it. Finally, we do a final grading and smooth everything one last time. Then it's time for construction to begin and for the building to take shape. View Projects


Land Clearing

Our equipment is perfect for clearing away large tracts of vegetation and top soil, leaving behind a solid foundation for a new construction. But we can do more than just clear away acres upon acres of land. We can also do smaller, more delicate projects like clearing land away for gas lines, fiber optic cables, water pipes, electricity lines and other utilities. And if you don't need the entire site stripped, we can also perform extensive brush clearing to improve the ease of access for your construction crews. View Projects


Site Work

Have miscellaneous site work that requires our kind of equipment? We can help. We can dig dirt, move dirt, pile dirt, grind tree stumps, clear away brush, create access driveways for your construction crews and more. We're experienced in creating ponds, culverts, berms and other earthworks. If it involves dirt, we know what to do. Call us today to discuss your needs. View Projects


Tree Removal

Are trees blocking the progress of your latest construction? We can take care of that. Our equipment allows us to do precise work in small areas, such as if a tree is near a fence, wall, power line or other construction. We can also clear away larger clumps of trees and, just as we can work carefully around fences or buildings, we can also carefully keep certain trees intact if desired. Stump grinding is included in all tree removal services, and trunks can be ground below the soil line too. If you'd like to reuse the wood that we harvest for mulch or other purposes, we can usually accommodate these requests. Finally, if any trees are diseased, we take great care to avoid spreading harmful pathogens to the community. Rest assured that we take precautions not to bring disease into your work site. View Projects


Hydro Mulching

For large tracts of land with lots of standing trees, hydro-mulching (hydro-axing) is the way to go. Like a huge paper shredder, the hydro-ax turns trees into mulch from the top down, right where they stand. This method is extremely effective and allows us to cover a very large area. The wood chips produced by the hydro-ax are left where they fall, acting as erosion control and soil management. View Projects

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