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For all of your building needs in Fulshear, Dirtwirx is standing by to see that you get quality service at an affordable price. No matter how large or small your property or what you intend to use it for, we can help with land clearing, tree removal, demolition and more. With Dirtwirx, you can bring your property to its full potential.

We’re familiar with the problems that commonly plague homeowners in the greater Houston area. Does rain water collect in puddles rather than draining away? We can grade the land to improve water drainage, install culverts or even dig retention or detention ponds to alleviate this problem.

Perhaps you need to convert a forested area into a pasture. We can remove large groups of trees with our hydro-axing service, and we can clear away underbrush to make way for grass. Your horses or livestock can enjoy the shade of mature trees while grazing on well-kept fields.


Dirtwirx also specializes in building engineered pads for any new construction, such as a barn, storage shed, garage, workshop or other outbuilding. An engineered building pad means you’ll have a level, solid foundation that won’t crack or expand. We also provide demolition services, so we can tear down any existing structure and haul away the debris, clearing the way for your new construction.

Our line-item estimates and Net 30 payment option allow you to make smart decisions about your investment. Give us a call to learn more about what Dirtwirx can do for you.


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