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Sealy Wharton

Dirtwirx is pleased to work with business and homeowners Sealy, TX. Our services are useful at any stage of your construction project, whether you need to demolish an existing building, dig trenches for utilities, create a smooth surface to build on or need to haul away some leftover debris from a finished project.


Our experienced professionals can also set up construction entrances, install driveways, address drainage problems on your property, dig detention or retention ponds, clear away unwanted trees, and much more. In other words, if you have a job that requires moving a lot of dirt or the use of heavy machinery, we can probably help you. If you’re not even sure what you need, contact us anyway. We can evaluate your situation and give you an estimate.


Dirtwirx is a leader in the construction industry not only for our experience and professionalism, but also for our high level of customer satisfaction. We believe in open communication. There are no tricks up our sleeves or hidden fees in your bills. We provide line-item estimates so you have a detailed look at the cost of your project. If you have any concerns about anything we propose, we will explain why we believe it is necessary or provide alternative options. We also take pride in delivering our estimates quickly so that you’re not waiting on us to move forward.


Our Net 30 payment option also allows you to spread payments over the course of thirty days rather than paying in full upfront. We’re committed to working with our clients to provide the best services and maintain the highest standards in customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to see how you can benefit from the “Dirtwirx Difference”!


Wharton, TX has properties of all sizes available for purchase, meaning that there’s a piece of land in Wharton to suit whatever building plans you have, whether it be a modest house, a large farmstead or a simple business office.


And Dirtwirx is ready to help the people of Wharton make those dreams a reality, starting at any stage in the process. If you need a demolition crew to tear down an old building, you can count on Dirtwirx to do the job safely and efficiently, and to even clean up the debris afterward. If you need to flatten the land or clear away vegetation, our skilled team can have it ready in no time.


Because we offer such a diverse range of services, you don’t need to contract with multiple companies. We do more than just clear land at Dirtwirx. We can also remove trees, grind down the stumps and remove any nuisance root systems that may get in the way of future landscape projects or pose a risk to pipes. And it doesn’t matter if it’s one tree or many, because our hydro-axing machine allows us to instantly mulch trees where they stand, meaning we can swiftly remove large groups of trees.


We can also create a construction entrance so that your property can handle the heavy machinery that needs to come and go. We can dig trenches for utilities, or for retention or detention ponds, culverts and more. We can also adjust the slope of the land to improve drainage and avoid boggy areas after rainfall.


With our experienced crew and reputation in customer satisfaction, Dirtwirx makes your land clearing project a snap. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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