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El Campo

For all of your land clearing needs in El Campo, TX, Dirtwirx provides professional, industry-leading services with a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction. No matter how large or small or property, budget or plans are, we offer you land clearing, tree removal, demolition and more. With Dirtwirx, your new property can reach its full potential.


We’re familiar with the land problems commonly faced by landowners in the El Campo area. Does rain water stagnate and form boggy areas in your yard or fields? Our land grading service provides the best solution to the problem by simply ensuring the water flows completely off your property and has no opportunity to collect in a puddle. We can also install culverts and retention or detention ponds, depending on your circumstances.


Or maybe a corner of your property has been growing wild for a few years, and now it’s time to remove any trees, brush and undergrowth that has taken root. Our hydro-axing machine allows us to make quick work of large areas of trees, and our root raking system means we can go below the surface to disrupt the growing patterns of any noxious plants. And if there are any trees you would like to keep, our tools are precise enough to allow us to leave specific trees alone without sacrificing the speed or quality of our work.


Another specialty of ours that may be of interest to landowners in El Campo is engineered pads for barns, sheds, garages, workshops or other outbuildings, Engineered building pads provide a flat, sturdy surface that will last a long time and won’t crack or expand.


These are just some of the professional land clearing services we provide. In addition, we offer a Net-30 payment option and all of our estimates are detailed so that you know exactly what you’re paying for. Call us today to discuss your plans, and let’s get started.

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