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League City

League City is a fast-growing area, located between Houston and Galveston and just minutes away from the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the growing popularity of this affluent suburb, League City still has plenty of undeveloped space available for you to settle down and build the home of your dreams.


When you’re ready to make your dream a reality in League City, let Dirtwirx do the hard work for you. We specialize in clearing land to make way for new constructions. Where vegetation now lies at your feet, a beautiful home could stand in just a few years. We can break ground on your project by clearing away grass and undergrowth, sloping the land to improve drainage, setting up construction entrances, installing driveways and culverts, and much more.


If your new property has trees as well, it’s a snap for us to remove them with our hydro-axing, stump grinding and root raking services. We can remove all the trees from the area or we can leave certain trees standing so that your new yard can enjoy the shade of a mature tree. Whatever you plan on, we can provide you with top-notch tree removal and maintenance services.


Of course, we also offer our tree removal and maintenance expertise to current homeowners in the League City area. And although it’s ideal to address water drainage problems before construction, we can work in smaller spaces to help rectify any problems you may be having with standing water. Another popular service for current homeowners is our land clearing service so that you can seed a new lawn.


No matter what you need, you can expect the best in customer care and satisfaction with Dirtwirx’s line-item estimates and Net-30 payment option. Call us to get your project underway today.

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