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Cypress, TX is a sprawling, beautiful and thriving suburb of Houston. The area offers a mix of open land, areas full of cypress trees, and a pleasant mix of both open fields and sturdy stands of trees. In short, it’s a great place to build your dream home away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still with plenty of amenities nearby.


Now that you’ve found the best place to build a custom home, you need to choose the professionals who are going to make it a reality. With a range of specialized equipment and experienced, professional team members who are dedicated to providing high-quality services to our customers’ satisfaction, Dirtwirx is a clear winner for your site work needs.

Known as a land-clearing company, we can certainly clear your property in preparation for building. We can also ensure the land is graded properly so that water drainage will never cause you any trouble—with the proper slope, rain water won’t pool or flood, instead draining away from your home on a predetermined path. Or if you’d rather have a retention or detention pond to take care of rainwater, we can dig one for you too.

We also provide tree removal, stump grinding, root raking and hydro-axing services for any unwanted trees, whether you have just a few here and there that you’d like to take down, or acres. We can also set down your brand-new driveway, install culverts, dig utility trenches and perform general site clean-up.

And as if our range of services and glowing testimonials weren’t reason enough to give us a call, we also offer our clients a net 30 payment option and line-item estimates. We always strive for customer satisfaction, from beginning to end. Give us a call to experience the “Dirtwirx Difference” for yourself!

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