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Located southeast of Houston and just minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico, Webster, TX is an affluent commercial town with many amenities near at hand. This makes it an ideal place to settle down with your family, as it has a great balance between work and play.


Our demolition services make it easy to get started on your construction project. We can tear down existing buildings to make way for your custom construction, and of course we also haul away the debris. Then we can clear the land if needed and perform any other maintenance needed, such as land grading to address drainage issues. We can also remove trees that may be a nuisance or hazard. In other words, we do what it takes to make your vision a reality and to make the process as straightforward as possible.


Our services are also ideal for recreational facilities in the area, such as parks or golf courses. Our hydro-axing service is perfect for removing a large number of trees in a precise, efficient and speedy way. Hydro-axing literally turns trees into mulch in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need to haul away branches or logs for separate mulching. Instead, you get a great layer of organic mulch over the area. We can also clear away underbrush and shrubs to help keep trails open and clear.


We have high customer satisfaction not only for our professionalism and experience, but also because of our transparency and efficiency when providing estimates. You can expect a detailed line-item estimate from Dirtwirx, a rarity in the industry. We also offer a Net 30 payment option so that you can split your payment over the course of 30 days. Give us a call to get started.

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