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Demolition Safety Precautions and Tips

Demolishing a building requires careful attention to detail in order to protect workers and nearby buildings. So while it’s tempting to rent a wrecking ball and go wild, don’t! At least, not right away. Learn how to safely and precisely demolish a building before you start, and when in doubt, call in the pros.


Waste Not, Want…

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Tips for Clearing and Maintaining Recreational Trails

Even just an acre or two of woods on your private property can be transformed into a fun nature trail. It’s the perfect place to wind down in the evening and get a little exercise, and it also makes for a fun natural park for your kids.


There might even be a commercial opportunity for you if you…

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Why Do Some Culverts Fail?

Culverts are man-made channels that allow water to travel underneath roads, driveways, railroad tracks and the like. Without culverts to aid in the flow of water, washed-out roads would be very common, as would erosion damage.


You might have a culvert under your driveway or under an access road on your property, or simply to connect one low-lying…

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Best Driveway Materials to Use Based on Your Needs

Is a driveway just a driveway? At first it seems like any ol’ material will work for a driveway, as long as it can handle the weight of a vehicle. In reality, a driveway can also be a bold statement or a work of art. Its functionality can also be enhanced based on the material used.


Take a moment to think about what you ultimately need…

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Special Considerations When Clearing Land for Agriculture

The cost of woodland is generally cheaper than open, flat terrain. The lower price reflects the understanding that a lot of time, energy and resources must be invested into the wooded area in order to transform it into a space suitable for farming, ranching or building.


But before you take your trusty backhoe onto your new property and…

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