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At the southeastern edge of the Sam Houston National Forest, Cleveland, TX is a tidy town that we’re pleased to include in our service area.


Dirtwirx should become a household name for folks in the Cleveland area, as our services are perfect for an area that boasts beautiful, mature trees in virtually every yard. Our top-notch tree removal and stump grinding services can help in case of diseased or damaged trees, invasive species or for trees that are simply inconveniently located.

If your property is larger, you might benefit from our hydro-axing service, which allows us to cut down a large quantity of trees in record time, leaving nothing but fresh mulch behind. Or you may wish to hire our team to clear away underbrush and make a forested area more passable.

We do more than remove trees, of course. Our land clearing service is perfect if you need to break ground on a new construction, or if you’d like to remove a weedy layer of topsoil in order to sow a new lawn or crop. We can install driveways and culverts, build engineered pads for garages, sheds or other outbuildings, dig retention or detention ponds, improve water drainage through land grading, and perform general site work or clean-up.

The best part is, our Net 30 payment option takes some of the pressure off of you to pay in full instantly. Instead, you can make staggered payments over 30 days. And with our line-item estimates, you can easily see what you’re paying for and can adjust as you see fit. Dirtwirx is here to work with you, so give us a call today!

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