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How much land can you clear in a day?

It depends on the condition of the land, but we can generally clear at least 1-2 acres per day, and sometimes as much as 7 acres in a single day.

Can you leave certain trees intact?

Yes, if you want to keep certain trees intact, we can work around them.

Will tree stumps be left over?

No, we will grind down the stumps.

Can you grind down a stump that is near a fence or a house?

Yes, generally we can grind down any stump within inches of a tree or house. We simply need about 3 feet of access space for our smallest grinding machine.

What do you do with the trees that you clear?

Most of the trees are shredded into mulch that can be spread over the landscape or removed, depending on the specific needs of the area. We can also harvest larger trees for timber.

Are there any regulations about what kind of plants can and cannot be cleared?

It depends on the area to be cleared. As regulations can vary by county, it’s best to contact us to discuss. A permit will need to be secured in most cases. [CH1]

Do I need to cover the cost of fuel or any other additional costs?

No, there are no additional costs for fuel and no hidden costs.

Is it possible to minimize environmental damage despite having these services performed?

Yes, we take care to avoid the spread of diseases like oak wilt, for example, and to reduce soil erosion. Much of our equipment is light enough to not leave rut marks in your lawn. Contact us to discuss any concerns you may have.