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Houston Land Clearing

Houston Land Clearing Benefits


Houston Land clearing is certainly vital in the beginning stages of construction projects, but there are many more land clearing benefits that property owners should be aware of, including:

Invasive species control – There are over 150 invasive plant species in Texas. These non-native plants can have devastating effects on our native ecosystem if they are not kept in check. By definition, invasive species aggressively out-compete native flora and fauna, using up vital resources in the area. For plants, that means an invasive species might smother an area and block other plants from sunlight, or aggressive root systems may deplete the surrounding area of nutrients. Clearing away invasive species on a regular basis is the only way to combat them and to protect vulnerable native plants.

Right-of-way and Utility Easements – Easements may need to be cleared to make way for overhead television, telephone or electric wires, or for underground cables and pipes. Clearing the land quickly and efficiently is important due to the large area that the wires or pipes have to run through. You may need easements for a new subdivision or development, or if you are building a home in a rural area that has never had utilities put in place.

Road clearing and maintenance – Land needs to be cleared of all plants and flattened before the foundation for a new road or highway is laid down, of course, but land clearing also is essential for ongoing road maintenance. Overgrown areas around a road can result in poor visibility and can encourage animals, such as deer, to graze near the road due to the protective cover of the plants and/or the availability of food.

Fire prevention – Forest fires will only burn where there is fuel. Creating a wide dirt perimeter (also known as a fireline) around your property or around a vulnerable environmental area is one of the best ways to protect it from an incoming fire. If you live in an area that is often under a forest fire advisory, land clearing can offer some peace of mind.

Hunting access paths – Need a way to easily get your vehicle onto your hunting ground or near your deer stand? We can clear a path that allows you to drive into the area but minimally disrupts the surrounding cover.

Foot, bike and horse trails – Well-marked recreational trails ensure that hikers, bikers and riders are less likely to get lost, and well-cleared trails also keep all users safe. We can clear new trails or maintain old ones that may have been blocked by fallen trees or overgrown by invasive species.


Houston Land Clearing Equipment

Our equipment allows us to prepare for any situation, whether the land is large or small, rocky or swampy, or anything in between. Included in our land clearing fleet are the following:

         Self-Propelled Horizontal Grinders

         Feller Buncher

         Whole Tree Chipper


         Tree Skidder

         Hydro-ax Mulcher (also known as a Forestry Mulcher)



         Compact Track Loader

         And More!


Houston Land Clearing Cost

The cost of your land clearing project will depend, of course, on the size of the area to be cleared, the geography of the land, whether the area is heavily forested, etc. Some land clearing projects can be accomplished with just a few of our machines, while others require most of our fleet. All of this is factored into our estimate for the land clearing cost. Give us a call to discuss your situation and to request an estimate.

Ready to break ground?

When we think about all the brush and vegetation and trees and stumps that need to be cleared from a site, not to mention all the dirt that needs to be shifted to level the site, we’re very glad that we live in the age of technology. Our equipment is perfect for clearing away large tracts of vegetation and top soil, leaving behind a solid foundation for a new construction.



Dirtwirx Land Clearing Project Before

Whether you need a thousand acres cleared for a new development in the Houston suburbs or just need enough space cleared for a simple barn, we’ve got you covered. We remove any trees and stumps standing in the way and scoop out the top soil to clear the area of vegetation. Then we can shift the dirt around as needed to level the area or to create any other kind of earth structure you might require.

If you need us to leave some areas (such as certain trees and the surrounding root systems) alone while we clear away the land, we can absolutely do that too.

How to do land clearing in Houston 

There are several ways to clear land, but only a few are practical for most people. Land can be cleared by hand, by using machinery or by using animals.


Clearing land by hand is typically recommended for small areas or areas where it’s simply impossible to maneuver large equipment. The basic goal of land clearing is to remove any vegetation that will get in the way of your future goal. This may mean removing every single bit of vegetation, or simply removing trees, stumps and overgrown brush to create an open area. So clearing an area by hand means you’ll be shoveling below the shallow roots of most grasses, digging up shrubs or plants with deeper roots, chopping down trees and hacking away at the stumps and root systems. Typically you will then need to till the area to prepare to set down seed if you intend to plant crops or grass or have other landscaping plans. Once you have removed the vegetation, however, you can then begin other necessary work, such as land grading. This method takes time and is hard work, but it won’t cost much money, since you probably already have all the tools you need.


Clearing land by hand takes time and is best accomplished with a team of helpers, but if you want to do less work and are patient enough to wait for the job to be finished, you can actually enlist the help of animals. Pigs and goats are known for being useful for clearing land thanks to their eating habits. Pigs also use their noses to “root,” which essentially tills the soil. Animals aren’t recommended if the area is severely overgrown, to the point where plants are over three or four feet tall.


The fastest way to clear land is to use machines. Depending on the topography and size of the area, specialized equipment can clear land within hours or a few days. You’ll save time and your back by renting equipment or hiring a team, like Dirtwirx, to clear the land for you. Bulldozers can cut right under the topsoil to remove plants, hydro-axes can shred trees in a matter of seconds, and stump grinders and root raking tools make it a snap to make the area smooth and obstacle-free for any future use.


Knowing how to clear land is useful no matter how large your property, but if you don’t have the time, tools or manpower necessary to clear land yourself, give us a call. Dirtwirx offers you an affordable, professional service that will get much of the hard work done for you. We will prepare the land for your future goals, whether you wish to build a home, start a farm or set up a recreational oasis.

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