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Heavy Equipment Hauling

Heavy Equipment Hauling

At Dirtwirx, we take pride in serving the Houston area with a variety of services related to land cleaning and dirt relocation. Another specialized service we provide is heavy equipment hauling. We have the equipment to transport your heavy equipment to where it needs to go.

We have drivers who are highly experienced in hauling heavy equipment, so they can ensure your machinery is moved to its new location safely and quickly. Our team members are also experienced at operating heavy equipment themselves, so they can load and unload the heavy equipment from the trailer.

During machinery moving, we have transported bulldozers, backhoes, graders, big trucks and any other heavy equipment that you need to get to another work location. We own the tools and equipment necessary to safely transport your machinery. Hundreds of successful machinery moves throughout Houston are to our credit.


Safe Transport

We have trucks and trailers that are capable of hauling and transporting big loads. Dirtwirx specializes in small, intricate moves for your machinery as well as large-scale heavy equipment hauling. You can count on us putting our experience to work, managing the project in detail in from start to finish.

Dirtwirx has been machinery movers for a variety of industries throughout Houston, and we are pleased to offer heavy equipment hauling services to multiple industries:






Machine Tool



Oil & Natural Gas









Safety is important to us. First and foremost, we want to be certain that no one is injured during the move. Then we want to be certain that your machinery is not damaged during the move. We have a successful track record in Houston for safe and professional transport of numerous loads.

With the proper tools and equipment and an experienced team of heavy equipment movers, we will make sure that your machinery is properly secured for transport.


International Moving

If you are shipping your heavy equipment to an international job site, we can still help you here in the Houston area. We provide machinery moving services to docks for transport by ship overseas. We are experienced in all aspects of the machinery moving process.

We can ensure your machinery safely arrives at port and it is safely removed from our truck to the ship or other form of transportation to take it on the next step of its journey. Dirtwirx provides a variety of services throughout the greater Houston area, and we take extra care to ensure every job is completed to customer specification. We take pride in hauling heavy equipment for a variety of clients, enabling them to take their machinery to the location where it needs to go so you can get your projects completed on time.


On the Job

With the right drivers and the right equipment, your heavy equipment will arrive safely and on time. Our drivers undergo extensive training and continuing education programs so we can make sure they stay up to date and accident free. We know the roads throughout Houston and Texas.

We own our own trucks and equipment, so we have the capability of hauling your heavy equipment, including the biggest and heaviest equipment that you may own. Dirtwirx takes safety seriously, and we are aware that safety is often dependent upon accurate information. Our team works to make sure we have up to date information regarding traffic and road conditions. We check for weight and height restrictions as well as detours so no valuable time is wasted. If the load requires permits because of size, we take care of it. You don’t have to worry about any problems with getting your over-sized load to where it needs to go.

When it comes to heavy equipment hauling, you can rest assured Dirtwirx will give the job personalized attention. We focus on the job at hand, ensuring that it is given priority and extra care so you don’t have to worry about whether your machinery arrives undamaged and on time. Our team will communicate and work to stay updated on road conditions so we can derive the safest, most efficient route to get your heavy equipment and machinery where it needs to go.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, so we want to exceed your expectations so you can be completely satisfied with the job. We take the time to get the complete details about the project and what you want and expect during the transportation process. Our team of professionals exhibit strong work ethic, and take tremendous pride in their work. Our drivers and other team members work to ensure every job is handled to specification and your project is handled per your instructions.


Loading and Unloading

Heavy equipment must be carefully loaded and unloaded for the safety and security of individuals as well as for the safety of your equipment. Your equipment will be properly loaded and unloaded, ensuring no one is put into imminent danger. Dirtwirx has a history free from accidents and injuries and we take pride in that safety record. We have handled projects throughout the Houston area.

With experienced heavy equipment operators and all of the professional equipment that may be needed to load and unload any equipment you can count on us getting any of your machinery transported to another site. We charge competitive rates, so you can count on us ensuring you get adequate value for your dollar.

When it comes to Houston machinery movers, more people have come to realize they can trust Dirtwirx. We are easy to contact, easy to talk with and responsive to suggestions clients may be able to offer us. We have references who can tell you how we successfully handled their machinery moves. We have established ourselves as the first choice for many clients needing machinery movers, so we have many repeat clients because they know we use extra care and attention for every heavy equipment haul job we do.


Long Haul

The team here at DirtWirx has handled machinery moving projects both locally, within the Houston area, and long haul. We take pride in hauling heavy equipment to new destinations where it will be needed for new projects. Of course, we ask that you contact us as far in advance as possible to ensure that your desired move dates are available on our calendar. We want to ensure that we can meet your expectations and travel within the desired timeframe. It is important to us to be able to plan ahead and ensure that we choose the best route and plan accordingly to make sure your job gets completed accordingly so you can get on with your project. We understand that your time is valuable, so we work hard to ensure you have the equipment that you need right when you need it.


The Right Choice

When it comes to machinery movers in Houston, Dirtwirx is the right choice. Regardless of the job you hire us for, you will get it completed on time. The job is not considered done until our customers are completely satisfied. When it comes to putting customers first, you can rely on the team here at Dirtwirx. We are professional machine operators, equipment movers and we have the right CDL certifications to transport your equipment and haul big loads from one destination to another. Call us today to learn more about our heavy equipment hauling services.

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