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Builder Difference

Only the best from start to finish. We’re proud to be at the cutting-edge of Houston’s land clearing and dirt removal industry. We run a professional and transparent organization with excellent customer service. That’s the Dirtwirx Difference. Scroll down to learn why we come so highly recommended for home owners and builders alike.

New Equipment

The latest technology means we work more efficiently and more precisely than ever.

Our equipment is well-maintained so that we can do our jobs as efficiently as possible. There’s nothing worse than trying to use rusty and dull tools for any kind of work, and especially for the kind of heavy-duty work we specialize in. We stay on top of the latest technological innovations and update our fleet when needed.


Fast Turnaround Estimate

Construction projects take enough time to complete as it is. We won’t cause delays by dragging our feet with our estimate. You can expect a prompt and professional response to all communications to keep things moving right along, starting with the estimate.


Net 30 Payment

We know money doesn’t grow on trees and that you can’t always reach for your checkbook and pay in full. We offer a net 30 payment option to help you control your finances if necessary. Payment in full is required within 30 days rather than upfront, giving you some flexibility to pay some now and pay the rest in a few weeks’ time.


Detailed / Line Item Proposal

In an industry rife with flat-fee estimates, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for with Dirtwirx’s detailed line-item estimate.

You’ll have all of the details you need to make an informed decision right at your fingertips. Our detailed line-item proposal shows you exactly what you’re paying for and how much each element costs. This also gives you a chance to talk with us about any concerns you have so that we can adjust our plan if needed.


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