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Houston Irrigation

Houston Irrigation / Landscaping


Want a beautiful lawn? Leave it to the Dirtwirx pros.


There’s so much potential waiting in your own backyard. Literally! Have you ever wondered if you’re making the most of the space that you have? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clear purpose to your outdoor space, even if it’s simply aesthetics?


Our Houston landscaping experts take great pride in transforming your yard into the oasis that you’ve always wanted it to be. And you don’t even have to have a clear vision in your mind, since our designers can offer several different plans and ideas based on your wants and needs.


Trying to tackle a landscaping project on your own can quickly become overwhelming. Let us bring in our team of professionals to get the job done on schedule and done right. As the saying goes, many hands make light work.


Houston Landscaping

The sky’s the limit when it comes to landscaping. We can help you have the lush green lawn of your dreams. We can choose and plant flowers that blend together perfectly and create a calm, inviting atmosphere or a bold statement. We can even design and build a spectacular outdoor entertainment area. Whatever you hope to achieve with your outdoor space, we’re the folks who can make it a reality for you.


We can step in at any point in the project, from designing to implementation to maintenance. Give us a call to consult with our team and to receive the best Houston landscaping solutions available.  


Houston Irrigation


Keeping a lawn or garden lush throughout the heat of summer is especially tricky in areas like Houston, where poor watering techniques can waste water or drought conditions can kill off plants. It’s easy to forget to water or to turn the sprinkler on, move it around every so often, and to turn it off again.


Be done with the hassle once and for all with an irrigation system from Dirtwirx. We will evaluate your needs and design an effective irrigation system. Typically the designs include either a drip irrigation system, where a steady but small amount of water is supplied at virtually all times, or a timed sprinkler system.


Lawns and gardens aren’t just beautiful to look at; they’re also an investment. If you are struggling to keep your investment at its full potential and live in Houston, irrigation systems from Dirtwirx are the perfect choice.


Houston Sprinkler System


Is it worth having a sprinkler system for your lawn or site? Yes! Sprinklers take one more thing off of your plate, giving you peace of mind that the lawn is being taken care of while you tend to other areas of your life. And if your property is large, it is especially time and cost effective to use a sprinkler system. You can ensure that all areas are evenly and adequately watered, and the timing system on sprinklers allows your grass or garden to be watered at optimal times of the day.


In Houston, sprinkler systems are perfect for golf courses and country clubs, parks, public boulevards or easements, and any size of lawn.


Irrigation Systems and Water Conservation


The point of an irrigation system is to not only make it easier than ever to care for your property, but also to do so in an environmentally friendly way. Irrigation technologies have come a long way in contributing to water conservation. Here are some features to consider, especially if water conservation is high on your list of priorities:


Rain sensors prevent the sprinklers from turning on while it’s raining. If you’ve ever seen sprinklers running in the rain, you know how important these sensors are, especially if you are out of town or otherwise unable to turn the system off yourself.


Moisture gauges and rain gauges both detect when the soil is dry and in need of watering. These gadgets are very useful for conserving water, and for watering plants that need certain moisture conditions in order to grow. When the soil gets too dry at a certain point below the surface, the sprinkler system will be triggered.


Different sprinkler heads can distribute water more effectively. For example, if the water is delivered as a gentle mist, then the water will likely be blown off course on a windy day or evaporate before reaching the ground on a terribly hot day. Heavier streams of water make it more likely that the water will actually reach its destination.

However, there are also some things you can do as a homeowner or property manager to ensure that sprinklers are only in use when appropriate, without the use of add-on technologies:

Keep an eye on the weather reports, and reprogram the sprinklers if rain is in the forecast.

Program the system to water in the morning or evening, but not during the day in the heat of summer. This will help avoid evaporation.

For more tips and ideas, as well as for a custom consultation, give us a call or send us a message, and we’ll be in touch.

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