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Transporting Construction Equipment


Construction projects require a lot of heavy equipment, such as graders, backhoes, bulldozers, cranes and other dirt movers and lifters. Those large pieces of machinery have to be moved from one worksite to another. These heavy equipment pieces have to be transported by big trucks. The loads may often be much wider or taller than a normal sized load.

In order to make sure the load is safe for transport, the driver will use straps or chains to ensure it is safely and adequately fastened to the trailer. As experienced movers, they will make sure the load is not able to move or shift, resulting in an accident. The movers have to ensure that it is level and won’t wobble or become overbalanced.

Depending upon the kind of equipment, some machinery pieces can be driven up onto the trailer. Other pieces of equipment may have to be loaded onto the trailer with the help of a crane or a hoist. Ensuring the job is handled professionally and follows all safety standards is imperative. It is easy for someone to get seriously injured or even killed when moving heavy equipment.


The Right Tools, Right Equipment

Get a professional machinery mover to handle any transportation of heavy equipment or machinery. They have the right tools and proper equipment to ensure that the load is properly loaded and unloaded, and that all of the proper safety precautions have been taken.

They have the chains, straps, fasteners, clips, jacks, pry bars and other tools that are needed to load, unload and level equipment. Because of the nature of the job, you can expect them to regularly inspect their equipment and replace it when there are signs of wear and damage.

Professional machinery movers have all of the required commercial driver license certifications. They also check ahead to ensure there are no detours and to ensure that the height and width restrictions are not exceeded by the size of the load. They can plan a route that is safe and efficient, so they can get the equipment to its destination on time and safely.


For Longer Trips

If your equipment has to shipped internationally, your professional mover can get it to the port to ensure it gets where it needs to go. Some equipment may be crated while some larger pieces may require shrink wrapping. Professional movers have the ability to handle the crating and wrapping of your equipment to ensure it safely arrives to its destination.

Some parts of the machine may have to be removed before crating or wrapping. Regardless, you want to make sure that the machine is safe and secure for transport because you don’t want to have to worry about repairs when it gets to its destination.

Professional heavy equipment movers take their jobs seriously. They want to ensure their safety, the safety of others and that no equipment is damaged during the process. With that being said, they have had extensive training and are constantly continuing their education so they can provide safe service.


Hiring the Right Team

Hiring the right team for your heavy equipment needs is important. You want to choose a professional machinery mover that has completed many jobs satisfactorily. Also, you should check for reviews and references, ensuring that they have a proven track record of satisfied customers. You should also check their safety record. You don’t want anyone injured or the machinery damaged during the process.

It is normal to have high expectations, so you should choose a professional mover who can meet those expectations. Do the proper research before hiring any machinery movers so you can count on the job being done right and on time. They can take care of the job easily, while keeping the risks minimal.

How to Choose the Right Machinery Mover:

Ask about experience.

Check the safety record.

Make sure they are properly licensed.

Ask them if they have the right permits for oversized loads.

Make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded. 

Ask for customer references. 

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. 

Make sure you get the details about the move. 

What should you expect? You should expect that the job be completed to your specification. The equipment should reach the destination safely and on time. The movers should take special precaution to ensure that the machinery is level and not wobbly. They should make sure it reaches its destination and is set up according to the agreement.

Make sure everything is clearly stated in the moving contract, so you don’t have to worry about whether the movers understand what you want them to do and what your expectations are regarding this particular project. Ensure that the price is clearly stated and how payment is expected to be indicated, such as a deposit and the balance at delivery.